Bulk Cold Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost effective and easily traceable way to target niche audience. Emails provides best returns on investment. Once you have your new website all setup, you will be looking at a simple and efficient way to regularly communicate with your new customers. Email marketing can produce fantastic results when used properly.


RamBee, Inc. can setup, design and fully manage your email campaigns for you. We offers a range of custom-made services in email marketing area. We customize Email Marketing Solutions according to your needs and requirements.

Email marketing group will build specialized and tempting emails that will generate a certified image of your business in your potential customers mind. Custom Email Marketing Service is fast and easy to recognize for the recipient. Email Marketing makes it easy for you to manage your contact email lists and determine results. We will produce HTML emails that look very qualified. A personalized email always has a higher open rate compared to a default email. Our team creates personalized emails for different segments, so that you can add a personal touch while you send out bulk emails to your customers.

We have capabilities of sending more than 10 million mails per month to increase the leads for your business or simply increasing traffic to your website and thus leading to increase in revenue.

In what ways can it helps???

  • Website Traffic Generation

  • Mobile Apps Download

  • Branding

  • Newsletter

  • Lead Generation

RamBee, Inc. uses various tools to tailor creative emails which carry a consistent look across different devices ranging from PC’s to mobiles. We have great designers who create minimal designs which clearly explain your marketing objectives and increase the chances of customers clicking on your call of action.

  • Personalized Email Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Unique and Creative Designs
  • Tracking & Reporting

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