Pricing Models

Delivering value to our clients is one of our primary goals at RamBee, Inc. Because we offer a wide range of services, from technology advice to development and maintenance, our pricing models are similarly tailored to meet the exact needs of each client and project. Our three core pricing models are:

Best Suited For

  • Clients that need to extend the in-house IT team or strengthen the R&D capability.

  • Projects that do not have a clear work scope.

  • Long term continuous projects.

  • Clients that would like to be involved in project.


  • Stable full time developers.

  • Transparent flexible process.

  • Adapt to changing requirements, features can be added or removed at any time.


Clients pay monthly based on team size.

Best Suited For

Projects that are well defined, with clear requirements and scope and very little anticipated changes.


  • Finalized price

  • Strict deadline

  • No management from client’s side


It depends. Most pay by milestones.

Best Suited For

Clients that are used to working in Agile and has very mature processes.


  • Iterative and incremental method allows the team to find and mitigate potential risks at the earliest time, and create software that continuously grows big and better.

  • It enables quick responses to changing requirements and more frequent software deliveries that can improve the speed to market.


Clients pay at the end of each iteration after the delivery is received.

Are you confused which method will suit your organization, drop us an email for the free consultation.

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