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More than 2 Billion internet users access information from over one Billion websites worldwide. More than 100,000 new websites are added to the internet every day! If you don’t appear near the top of search results for keywords that apply to your business, nobody will find you. These days, if you’re not on page 1 of Google, you’re toast. Which means that optimizing your site for higher positioning advantage is a strategic business priority. A Marketing Sherpa survey of 3,007 marketers found that their site traffic from organic clicks increased an average of 73% in the 6 months after optimization.

Getting listed AND properly positioned gives you better search referrals, exposing you to more customers – which requires a different skill set than merely designing web pages. One of the things that sets RamBee, Inc. apart is the way we optimize your website for better Google rankings. We will work closely with you because search engine ranking is largely based on the structure and content of your website (on-page factors) and the depth of your internet presence (off-page factors).

Having an immense selection and yet deceitful low, into the forgetfulness. it can’t get dumber. If you want to make a selling point, simply being there is not sufficient. You have to be outstanding and accessible.

For this, you’ll have to make a strategy. The answer to which is website attractive administration. It has to be completed sure that your web-address reins the list of those fielded by a range of search engines across the world. It’s time you realized that internet marketing is no longer just an add-on, rather, it complements your on-field advertising statement. Any prospective consumer in search of the services you provide will soon find your website address importantly located on the list displayed by search engines, thereby making you much easier to get to. And hence, strategies like search engine optimization be of assistance you do that. This is made promising by generating your authoritative existence on relevant search engines to drive exploration to your website. It is to optimize your application according to the algorithms used by the search engines to rank pages. We design these algorithms using the following tools, so that your web-pages can be optimized on search engines.

Google rankings cannot be “purchased”. They require hard work and are reliant on many factors, some of which are…

  • the frequency of relevant keywords in the content of each page
  • the naming of your images
  • the naming of your links
  • your website META-data
  • the number of visitors to your site
  • the number and type of websites linking to you
  • Complete Review of your existing website
  • Checking existing website for Search Engine Friendly Keywords
  • Marketing Research for each Page, Title tags, description tags,
  • Comment tags optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • Blog, Forum and Article Marketing
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10 Page or lessor websites.

  • 10 Keywords
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Meta Keywords & Description Tag Optimization
  • Content & Image Optimization
  • Headers & Footer Links Optimization
  • Manual Search Engine Submissions
  • Manual Directory Submissions
  • Google Webmaster & Analytics Account Setup
  • Robots.txt file develop




Suitable for E commerce (GOLD INCLUDED)

  • 50 Keywords
  • Keywords Analysis & Mapping
  • High PR One-Way Links (PR2)
  • Blog Postings
  • Forum Link Building
  • RSS Feed Creation and Optimization
  • Local Citation Building
  • 5 Customer Review Submission
  • Social Bookmarking

*Guaranteed Service: We provide SEO services with a guarantee which states that we offer at least 40% of your total keywords in top 10 ranking within predefined timeframe (usually 4 months). Also, note that we ensure you that we provide ranking guarantee for particular number of keywords as mentioned in our SEO packages but keywords above that are only considered when both the targeted keywords and website are accepted by our SEO professionals. For instance, if your website is having any problem with Google i.e. penalty etc then in such cases we cannot offer guarantee. Moreover, if targeted keywords are not appropriate according to the website or content for targeting then in such cases also we will not provide any guarantee. Apart from this, if any package is customized without the same deliverable then that package will not be considered under any guarantee for the same.

Importantly all the SEO plans mentioned are developed keeping in mind the variety of keywords; but, if you’ve got a different requirement for a tailor-made SEO package, please get in-tuned with us to get a quote. After you subscribe an SEO package, don’t forget to send us your website details i.e. web site URL and targeted keywords. Please email an equivalent to

Note: **For Pdf Submissions, customer will have to provide the same from their end.

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